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Grenfell Tower Fire Anniversary – “Grenfell: Forever in our hearts”

One year on, the Grenfell tower fire commemorated with memorial services, banners, readings, green floodlights and a nationwide minute’s silence.

The Grenfell tower fire sadly took the lives of at least 72 people this time last year. In memory of those lost in the horrifying incident that shook the nation, buildings across London showed their support last night. Fellow tower blocks of London, in addition to the London Eye and Downing Street, were lit up in green lights, in contrast to the amber flames which we all hold so vividly in our minds from this very day last year.

The Grenfell tower, now a blackened skeleton was a 24 storey, high-rise block of residential flats in North Kensington, West London. Built in 1974, it homed at least 600 registered residents, however, the exact number of those inside the building at the time of the incident with never be known exactly.

Grenfell tower itself, now covered up in white sheeting was also lit up in green floodlights, with the following words on a banner across the top of the tower, showcased to all, saying:

“Grenfell: Forever in our hearts”

Many of the survivors who were once residents of Grenfell tower are still waiting to be rehomed. Over half are still in hotels, ‘emergency’ accommodation, serviced apartments and staying with friends or relatives, one year later.

From what began as a small kitchen fire, quickly escalated into a horrific disaster that led to the loss of at least 72 people. Of which were children, mothers, brothers, fathers, teachers, friends, soldiers and loved ones, all of which will be remembered and commemorated.

Firefighters fought relentlessly to save the lives of those trapped within the blazing building. Breaking established procedures in order to rescue people from within the building led to the saviour of 65 individuals.

In addition to the brightly lit buildings, remembrance events are being held for the rest of this week. Including one at St Helen’s church, London, organised by Clarrie Mendy who sadly lost two family members in the tragedy.

Mendy announced:

“We’ll be releasing 73 white doves. Why 73 instead of 72? One for the unknown. If there were more than 72, we will put one for the unknown.”

Speculation into the outbreak have arisen where cost was put before safety. Articles since released have stated that cheap cladding surrounding the exterior of the Grenfell tower, led to the drastic spreading of the fire. The cladding, which was already banned in many other countries has been blamed for the loss of so many lives.

Changes are in progress with the stricter outlook on fire safety in residential tower blocks. More stringent rules and regulations are to be expected. Scotland is already ahead with their high-rise buildings fire safety regulations. In 2005, Scotland introduced that by law, any high-rise building to be erected hereby must have sprinklers. We hope that the rest of the UK follows suit and that more stringent regulations are rapidly brought about.

Please join us in a minutes silence at midday today, as we commemorate those affected by this heartbreaking tragedy.

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