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Garden Centre Fire Devastates Premises Overnight

A garden centre fire in Stokesley occurred before approximately 9:30 pm on Friday 6 April. Fire crews were therefore notified of the incident at 21:20 pm.

The garden centre fire tore into the centre’s building premises causing the collapse of the garden centre’s roof overnight.

The extent of the fire resulted in nearby road closures, including the A172 due to water being pumped over from across the road. Eight fire engines attended the scene which included around 40 firefighters and an aerial ladder platform.

David Arbus, Retail Operations Director of the garden centre, said: “90% of the shop had been destroyed”.

The well-loved garden centre’s fire occurred overnight and caused devastating damage to the building, especially as peak gardening season approaches. The garden centre is not only home to your average plants and gardening equipment but also has a coffee shop and an aquatics centre, which homes a collection of tropical fish.

Crews remained at the garden centre fire until the following morning on the watch for hotspots. The fire investigation services are currently looking into the cause of the fire. However, they expect it to be a long process due to the extent and effect of the blaze:

Fire Station Manager Andy Creasy commented that “As the fire service, we’re looking at preserving life and then property.
“The key thing as well is that we don’t put our firefighters at excessive risk due to the ferocity of the fire.”

Local residents and regular visitors were saddened by the aftermath, commenting on how rare it is to see the centre with an empty carpark.

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Original Sources: BBC News | GazetteLive

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