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West Midlands Furniture Storage Building Fire

Last week a huge inferno completely devastated a Heartlands Furniture Wholesale building on Cranford Street, Smethwick, in the West Midlands.

Heartlands was subject to an uncontrollable blaze in their 10,000sqft Smethwick storage building, which began at 8:32pm, Thursday 27 December.

7 crews consisting of 40 firefighters were sent to tackle the enormous inferno which ripped through the building. The building went up in flames and the fire was said to have “escalat[ed] quite fast” – West Midlands Fire Service.

The severity of the fire was heavily worsened due to the nature of the building’s contents. Since the fire’s height and power were so extreme, specialist firefighters were deployed to help suppress the flames using an aerial platform.

The Managing director, Saleem Shareef announced: “We are obviously devastated by the fire. We have lost stock and one building. The fire brigade came very quickly and managed to keep the fire away from the warehouse and under control”.

Surrounding buildings and business were also affected by the storage building fire, with the fire brigade warning people to keep windows and doors closed. Mohammed Hanif, who works at Jet Petrol Station, said: “We haven’t had any customers since the road closed last night. We have lost trade”.

West Midlands Fire spokesman James Round reported: “Significant structural collapse has taken place due to fire damage and our crews initially had difficulty reaching some areas due to the unsafe structure”.

The Firefighters worked hard to prevent the fire from spreading to the nearby warehouse and transport lorries.

Luckily, no one was injured during the blaze. However, the furniture company have lost a large amount of stock which was caught up in the storage building fire. The building will now be out of use for continued trade until restorations can be made.

The fire was finally calmed by 5:45am the following morning after almost 10 hours of attacking the blaze. Once quelled, the crews continued on ‘watching brief’ after the fire had subsided, in case of another outbreak.

The tragic fire which caused extensive damage to the furniture building and endangered other businesses around it has undergone examination by the fire service into the cause. Investigations have now been passed onto the local police, as leads seem to indicate to the fire having been instigated deliberately.

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Original Sources: BBC| Express & Star

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