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Foul Play in a Spate of Sports Club Thefts

Sport club thefts targeted, as two cricket clubs have been subject to recent break-ins.

Warnings have been issued by police after an influx of sports club thefts. A cricket and sports club has been the victim to the theft of a small tractor-type vehicle. Thieves made entry into a ‘secure container’ at South Milford Cricket Club between 7.00pm on 9th June and 11.30am on the 10th.

A further account of suspicious activity was recorded at the Burton Salmon Cricket Ground at around 8:50 pm on 24th June. However, the two suspicious men were disturbed and were therefore unsuccessful in making off with any goods.

Police investigating the thefts and have urged people to come forward with any information or to report anything suspicious:

“Even if it doesn’t need an immediate response, every piece of information helps us build up a picture and could prove vital in bringing criminals to justice.”

North Yorkshire Police’s PCSO Caroline Saville, commented regarding sports club thefts:

“Over the past few weeks there has been an increase in burglaries at cricket club premises”

As a result, North Yorkshire Police Officers have visited both cricket sports club thefts and have marked apparatus and equipment with their ‘dot peen’ system.

Since both sports club thefts, police have warned other sporting venues and other similar organisations to re-check their security systems.

Although the ‘dot peen’ system may be useful for retrieving stolen items, it’s also better to be proactive. Find out what preventative security measures and systems you can employ to deter a theft at your sporting venue. Need more information on security protection or maintenance for your sports club? Then, call Assured on 0845 402 3045 or email us at for your free quote!

Original Sources: Harrogate Advertiser

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