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Flat Leaseholders Face 29 Charges Over Fire Safety Failings

The leaseholders of a block of flats in West Bromwich are found to be in breach of fire regulations and appeared in court on safety charges.

A director and former director from First Job Ltd face charges including failure to comply with a prohibition which could have led to death or serious injury in case of a fire.

80 Residents, including families with young children who were living in the flats at the time had to be moved but have all now found new accommodation. This however, should have happened eight months earlier since no action was taken when the faults were first discovered.

It was only after The Grenfell Tower fire that tenants were made aware of the dangers and that they would need to move out.

The council’s chief executive Jan Britton denied residents were moved as a result of the London disaster, saying there was ‘no direct link’.

Sandwell Council said the former office block had a “long list of problems” including fire alarms that were not working.

The building was previously offices and when First job ltd took over the premises from Metro Court Ltd it was their responsibility to ensure the building was compliant with fire safety regulations.

Both the director and former director face 29 charges under The Regulatory Reform (fire Safety) Order 2005.

They have not entered any please and the court case has been sent to Wolverhampton Crown Court on 14th September

Fire Safety Advice

A fire risk assessment is the first step to fire safety in any premises. It will highlight exactly what fire protection equipment is required in order for your business to be compliant with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

When thinking about fire safety in blocks of flats the main points of consideration are having clear and efficient escape routes indicated with the correct signs and emergency lights and a visible escape plan, fire doors, fire detection and an alarm system that is regularly maintained, firefighting equipment that it regularly maintained and a fire suppression system. This is a simplified list and the fire risk assessor will discuss with you in more detail.

For more information on how to be compliant, or to book a free site survey call us today on 0845 402 3045 or email one of our friendly sales team at and they’ll be in touch shortly.

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