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Fireworks Factory Explosion leaving Casualties Suffering with Severe Burns

On Tuesday 2nd October a fireworks factory in Peterborough was subject to an explosion resulting in at least three casualties.

fire subsequent to the explosion when fire crews arrived.

The injured man, in his 20s, was airlifted to the nearby Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. A further nine Ambulance crews, three fire crews, and also police officers all remained at the scene.

Two further casualties were reported and administered treatment at the scene by ambulance crews as a result of their burns. Breathing equipment was required due to the severity of the fire and the extensive amount of smoke being generated.

The building’s roof has been completed blown and burned off. Buildings in the surrounding area reportedly shook through the ricochet of the explosion.

Due to the nature of the explosion and the greater risk down to the building’s contents an RAF bomb disposal team were called to site. The team remained on site further in order to carry out an investigation into the origin of the explosion.

Images of debris can be seen scattered around the factory and in the surrounding industrial estate. The area around the explosion has been cordoned off until Cambridgeshire Police and the Health and Safety Executive have confirmed the area safe.

The cause of the factory explosion has still not yet been confirmed. Le Maitre fireworks factory is yet to make a statement regarding the incident.

Due to the nature of the business, with manufacturing various pyrotechnic equipment, smoke machines, haze machines, flames, streamers and more means the need for thorough fire protection is absolutely imperative.

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Original Sources: Cambridgeshire Live | BBC News | Mirror

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