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Fire Brigade states over 50% of Care Homes Are Failing Fire Safety Audits

The London Fire and Rescue Service have written to every care home across London, demanding they urgently review their fire risk assessments and staff training.

Figures released in February 2019 showed 101 of the 177 Care Homes investigated had failed the audits. Potentially causing danger to residents and staff.

The fire brigades findings included the following safety breaches:

  1. Fire Risk Assessments being carried out by people without the proper skills and experience
  2. Roofs being omitted from the fire risk assessment (roof voids often increase the spread and severity of a fire)
  3. Widespread confusion about fire evacuation strategies
  4. 1 in 3 care homes with inadequate or poorly maintained fire doors

Dan Daly, the London Fire Brigades Assistant Commissioner stated

“My main concern is that this audit is only the tip of the iceberg. Care home owners need to urgently review their fire risk assessments and ensure their staff know how to evacuate their residents, especially those who are immobile.”

Fire risk assessments are required by law for premises that have over 5 employees and should be undertaken by a competent person however it is recommended to have your assessment carried out by a specialist company.

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