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False fire Service Calls to Cost Businesses

Following a 2 year study, it has been found that only 14% of call outs by Humberside Fire and Rescue were actual emergencies, leading to over 1400 false calls per year.

As a result of the study, a new response policy effecting automatic Fire Alarms has been approved. This followed a meeting between Humberside Fire Brigade and local businesses.

The new policy means businesses will be charged following a fourth false fire alarm within a 12 month period.

Agreement came from 77% of respondents when asked if there was support from the public and businesses to not attend an automatic fire alarm. This would take place if it occurred during normal working hours unless it is a confirmed fire.

Humberside Fire and Rescue then asked if they should charge businesses for repeatedly calling out fire engines, to automatic fire alarms without a confirmed fire. This gained 86% of public and business support.

67% of fires happen while a business is unoccupied. However, systems need to be maintained in order to avoid faults which could potentially lead to false call outs.

The high amount of false call outs had put pressure on the Fire Service to attend the real emergencies. This also took up valuable resources. 

Do you have concerns about your systems? Avoid charges by having regular maintenance and reducing the faults. Contact Assured on 0845 402 3045 or email for more information.

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