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Serious factory fire calls in crews from all across the Midlands

On Monday 2nd April a factory fire broke out emitting plumes of thick smoke and flames into the air.

The factory fire occurred at around 9:30 pm in Alma Street, Wolverhampton, the Midlands. The affected factory unit was split into four sections and contained a stock of Christmas decorations.

Around 60 firefighters were called to the scene in order to tackle the ferocious blaze. The fire services had concerns about the risk of the fire spreading uncontrollably onto further storage units. Subsequently, the raging fire caused gas and electricity supplies to be completely cut off to all the surrounding business units.

Smoke and ash consumed the air around local houses and high-rise flats. Therefore, local residents were advised to keep all windows and doors shut. Trains on a nearby railway line were halted and delayed due to the amount of smoke travelling over, covering the view of the track.

Eyewitness Adam Lawrence, described the factory fire, saying:

“I saw loads of smoke, flames.
“It was quite a big fire.”

As the fire continued to grow out of control, the firefighters grew concerned for the fire spreading and called for backup from other fire crews from across the Midlands area. Hydraulic platforms were also used to fight the fire from above the warehouse.
Fire crews worked tirelessly, well into the night and into Tuesday afternoon the following day due to the ferocity of the fire. Firefighters also had concerns over the neighbouring motor workshop which contained cars at risk of catching fire. The damage done by the aggressive fire led to the collapse of the factory roof and the ruin of the unit’s inner walls.

An inquest into the origin of the fire has since been looked into and the businesses affected, left counting the costs as a result of the devastating blaze.

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Original Sources: BBC News | Express and Star | Video: Midlands Urban Eye

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