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Unused Educational Establishment Fire in Teesside

A former educational establishment in Teesside was recently subject to a horrendous fire.

Firefighters were discharged to the Eston Park Academy blaze at around 7:15pm on Wednesday 31 January. The fire was seen to be pouring out from windows and down the outer walls of the former school building. Flames ripped far into the sky, stretching high above surrounding buildings.

A hydraulic platform and 3 hose jets were required to tame the raging inferno. A total of eight fire engines attended the scene and firefighters were there through the night, until the next morning. The fire was declared controlled at approximately 10pm on Wednesday night, however, authorities were still on guard in case of any further flare-ups.

The nearby roads were sealed off due to the amount of thick and heavy smoke covering the air. The general public were warned by the Cleveland Fire brigade to “stay clear of the area” to ensure safety from the outbreak.

The educational establishment was derelict and set to be knocked down after having been merged with another local academy.

Ex-students who attended the former school watched from a distance as years of childhood memories from their schooling days burned to the ground before their eyes.

Witness Hannah Griffiths, who attend the former school, said: “It’s sad, you make so many memories in school”.

It is thought that nobody was inside the building during the time of the fire and the cause of the breakout has not yet been divulged.

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