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Paper Shredder Sparks Fire in Dalton Square Doctor’s Surgery

Another type of emergency broke out at a local doctor’s surgery in Lancaster. The fire was reported at approximately 4:45 am on Tuesday 30 January in Dalton Square.

Fire engines were called into action from Lancaster, Morecambe and Bolton-le-Sands to attend a doctor’s surgery fire. It occurred early morning at the Lancaster Medical Practice and it was later revealed that the fire had begun in the basement.

The fire was reported to the fire authorities by the surgery’s cleaner who discovered the fire, upon hearing the alarm going off. After gaining access to the doctor’s surgery, she found it to be inundated with smoke. Appropriately, she then left the premises for safety and immediately called 999 for the emergency fire services.

The source of the fire was reported to have been a shredder catching fire. Luckily, the surgery’s fire was contained within the paper shredding machine and nobody was hurt.

However, a fire service spokesperson reported that they “got there just in time, as the fire was located in a room full of files and combustible materials”.

The firefighters were all equipt with breathing apparatus to tackle the doctor’s surgery fire. Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service reported that the fire was brought under control after the use of hose reel and a ventilation unit.

Although this fire, started by a shredder may seem trivial. The fire could easily have escalated out of control if it had not been detected sooner. As said by the spokesperson “It was very lucky the cleaner arrived when she did” otherwise who would have been around at 5 am to hear the alarms?

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Original Sources: Lancaster Guardian | Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

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