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Dinnington Fire Releases Toxic Fumes

Dinnington Fire: An industrial unit containing plastics was subject to flames, late on Tuesday evening in Dinnington, South Yorkshire.

Plumes of black smoke clouds rolled across the sky from the Dinnington fire as toxic fumes filled the air. The fire broke out at a 40m by 50m industrial unit, at around 5.30pm on Tuesday 23rd May.

An eyewitness who works in another nearby industrial estate not far from the fire commented:

“You could hear the fire crackling and the rate the smoke was rolling across the sky was horrendous, it was very disconcerting”.

“I hope nobody’s been hurt”.

Luckily all staff members at the business were evacuated safely and nobody was hurt as a result of the Dinnington fire outbreak.

Other sources reported seeing the smoke from up to 10 miles away from the fire’s origin.

Over 40 firefighters and eight fire engines were called to the scene in order to quell the flaming premises. Due to the fire’s severity, fire crews battled the blaze using an aerial appliance, turntable ladder, compressed air foam and main water jets. Firefighters continued to tackle the blaze on Todwick Road for a further nine hours, leaving the premises at 2 am the following day.

Due to the nature of the fire and the toxicity of the burning materials, temporary cautions were put in place. Emergency tape was stretched across the accessing roads to prevent bystanders from inhaling the toxic smoke-filled air. South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service warned those living nearby to stay indoors and keep all windows and doors closed. A nearby railway line was also cordoned off and travel was disrupted as a result of the Dinnington fire.

A spokesperson said that the blaze is believed to have been accidental. However, enquiries into the start of the fire are still underway.

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