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Dinnington Co-op ATM Cash Raid Caught on CCTV

An ATM at the local Co-op supermarket in Dinnington was raided in the early hours of Wednesday (19th) morning.

The Co-op ‘Automated Teller Machine’ (ATM) was ripped from the wall and a “substantial amount of cash” was stolen. The perpetrators; “men dressed in dark clothing” took ‘free cash withdrawals’ to the next level at 3:45 am on Wednesday 18th July.

The targeted Co-op in Laughton Common, Dinnington had the ATM ripped from the wall. Due to The culprits took ATM and fled the scene in a “dark coloured BMW”.

Another ATM cash robbery is also being investigated which happened in the South Yorkshire area of Barnsley. The Barnsley ATM theft also occurred on Wednesday 18th July at 1:15 am. The ATM has been severely broken, however, luckily on this instance, no money was taken. Information regarding the offence is being appealed for by detectives.

The Co-op theft also occurred subsequent to an earlier ATM theft at a Co-op in Wolverhampton which happened on 13th July. The Wolverhampton supermarket was ram-raided and the cash machine was taken, leaving the shop front exposed, shelves badly damaged and goods sprawled over the floor.

In both cases, luckily CCTV footage and forensic evidence were collected and is currently being investigated. However, detectives are seeking any information regarding the Co-op offences.

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Original Sources: Rotherham Advertiser | Express and Star | South Yorkshire Police

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