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Serious Restaurant Fire Caused by Deep Fat Fryers

Five firefighting crews were called to the scene of a blazing building, it was later confirmed as a restaurant fire.

The restaurant fire occurred on Wednesday 21st March in Birmingham in the Midlands, nobody has been reported injured.

Local bus routes had all been diverted to avoid the risk that the restaurant fire, posed. The restaurant fire broke out on Lozells Road a busy road for pedestrians and vehicles. Therefore, a cordon was also put in place for general public safety.

It has been reported that the cause of the inferno were several deep fat fryers. The oil from the fryers had set on fire and subsequently caught and spread to the rest of the restaurant.

A spokeswoman from the West Midlands Fire Service commented:

“The fire started in the ground floor kitchen and has been contained in that area.”

As a result, residual parts of the restaurant and the building where the restaurant was contained have been described as badly affected by smoke damage.

Following the restaurant fire, social media images support the aforementioned comments. Photographs of the charred walls of the restaurant have been posted on Twitter by fire service people.

The cause of many restaurant fires have been a result of deep fat fryers. Restaurant owners are urged to have the correct type of fire protection in place when using such unpredictable cooking equipment.

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Original Sources: Birmingham Mail

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