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Maternity ward evacuated after Coventry University Hospital Fire

On Wednesday 7th March at around 8:30 am, the Coventry University Hospital fire caused disruptions to multiple mother and baby wards.

Approximately 40 firefighters rushed to the Coventry University’s hospital fire. Plumes of black smoke could be seen rising out of the top of the building (See the YouTube video below).

West Midlands Fire Service confirmed they required a hydraulic platform and 8 fire crews to finally calm the hospital fire. Water jets can be seen firing high into the air in social media photographs in attempts to quell the flames. The maternity unit which was closest to the fire was located, was immediately evacuated in a ‘phased evacuation’.

Nick Twitter, a local resident stated: ‘I popped outside about 9 and could hear a crackling sound so walked to the side of my garage and could see and smell the fire licking up the side of the chimneys at the side of the hospital behind the maternity unit,’

The hospital fire reportedly began in the boiler room and subsequently travelled up an outer extractor flue. It was later has been confirmed that luckily, nobody was injured in the blaze. All patients in the maternity units closest to the fire had been relocated to other wards, free from fire.

West Midlands Fire Service, Station Commander Marc Hudson commented: “As well as tackling the fire, our priority was to help the hospital return quickly to business as normal and by mid-morning we were looking at scaling down our resources.”
The fire was successfully put out, however, disruption and damage could have been much worse. In 2016, after a recent safety assessment, it has emerged that the hospital previously had inadequate fire protection. The Coventry University hospital subsequently underwent specific fire protection remedial work, to increase the hospital fire protection in place.
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