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Construction Industry Plant Hire Fire

On Monday 29th March, a construction industry plant hire business was subject to a huge blaze.  The effect of the fire resulted in a power cut to the local Barrhead region.

The fire brigade was called to Leggat Plant Limited, a construction industry hiring business just before 5:00 am, the Monday morning. The company had been supplying heavy lifting machinery and cranes to the construction industry for 140 years.

A fire spokeswoman announced that: “Operations Control were alerted at 4.46 am to the scene at Blackbyres Road.

“Crews are working to extinguish the fire.”

Nine fire engines ended up responding to the emergency call, where locals described seeing plumes of smoke surrounding the area. Additionally, hydraulic platforms used to extinguish the flames from above can be seen in social media posts from other concerned local residents.

The Scottish fire service was on site for at least another 3 hours after the fire services were alerted. Thankfully, no casualties were reported, however, the roof of the construction hire building had partially collapsed inward. Additionally, the exterior state of the construction hire business’ building has since been described as looking ‘melted’.

The extent of the fire not only caused a power cut to the local area but also caused issues to the local water supply due to firefighters diverting the systems in order to extinguish the inferno. Due to the hazardous conditions, cordons were therefore put into place around the construction hire site for the safety of local residents. The full extent of damage to the construction hire building and its business is still yet to be disclosed.

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Original Source: BBC News | The Sun | Insider | The Scotsman

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