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Commercial Deep Fat Fryer Fire as Red’s Burns Red!

On Saturday 20th October fire crews were called to a deep fat fryer fire at a restaurant in Nottinghamshire.

The deep fat fryer fire incident took place at Red’s True Barbecue last weekend. The fire began and was luckily contained to the commercial deep fat fryer in the restaurant’s kitchen.  Thankfully staff managed to use a fire blanket to put the fire out safely.

Two appliances from Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Services were deployed to the scene at 1:28 pm on Saturday afternoon.

As a result of the fire, customers were being turned away, whilst fire safety checks were completed and the area was deemed safe by the Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service authorities.

Luckily, due to the fire already being successfully put out by members of staff from Reds True Barbecue, the fire crews left the incident only 10 minutes after arriving.

A spokesperson from the Fire & Rescue Service commented:

‘This was a small fire in a commercial deep fat fryer. Fortunately, staff used a fire blanket so the fire was out when crews arrived.”

Fortunately, there have been no casualties reported as a result of the commercial deep fat fryer fire.

Deep fat fryer fires are a common cause of fires in restaurants and can cause major damage and escalate quickly. The proper protection should be in place to prevent the desolation as a result of a commercial deep fat fryer fire.

Therefore, if your restaurant has a deep fat fryer, make sure you have the correct protection in place. It is your responsibility to ensure your staff members, customers and property are all protected from the potential of a serious fire.

Luckily, the staff members from Reds were able to successfully use a fire blanket. Would your staff members have the fire training to be able to put out a fire at your business premises? For a free fire and security site survey or fire training, call us on 0845 402 3045. Or email our friendly sales team on, for more information on fire suppression or fire alarm installations for restaurants.

Original Sources: West Bridgford Wire

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