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Cheltenham Carer Care Home Theft

A healthcare assistant has been charged after thieving from a care home in Gloucestershire on Tuesday 30th October.

Grant Hodges, 26, stole a selection of drugs from a care home where he was actually employed at and also lived.

Mr Hodges also committed various driving offences. Hodges, unable to pass his theory test, resulted in him driving without a valid licence. To further his conviction, Hodges claimed he was 46 years old to get cheaper car insurance deal.

Under the nose of other health carers, residents, and visitors, Hodges stole medication including strong painkillers from the Charlton Kings Care Home in Moorend Road, Cheltenham.

Although aware of his driving offences, Hodges was given the benefit of doubt by his employers at the care home. He was not dismissed from his position until 2 months after the driving offences when accused of the care home thefts.

Ashley Jones, a director at Charlton Kings was questioned on if Hodges should have been terminated from his position sooner. Jones commented:

“We followed company policy and contacted the police to inform them of these allegations. They relate to a single incident immediately prior to the termination of his employment.”

Although earning £19,200 per annum in his position at the Charlton Kings as a healthcare assistant, the motive of his actions with regards to stealing the medication has not yet been disclosed.

After pleading guilty to the charges against him Hodges was charged. 12 months of community service, 100 hours of voluntary work, and a £220 fine have been awarded.

Had Charlton Kings’ home been fitted with a CCTV system, Hodges could have been caught sooner and resources saved earlier.

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Original Sources: Gloucestershire Live

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