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Carlisle Hospital Warned Over Fire Safety

A Carlisle hospital has been handed an enforcement notice over fire safety concerns. As a result, the hospital is starting a three-year project to improve measures at the premises. They will start by fitting a sprinkler system at the Cumberland Infirmary next week. The sprinkler system means that in the event of a fire, flames can be extinguished at a quicker rate. In addition, there is no need for widespread evacuation.

The action plan comes into force following evidence found that the hospital was built using fire proofing materials unable to prevent a fire from spreading. The fire alarm and detection system was also found to be inadequate. The trust and HMC, the private firm who own the building, are working with the fire service to carry out improvement works. They are also looking for any other ways to enhance safety.

Stephen Eames, the trust’s chief executive, said: “We are very pleased that the fire sprinkler installation work is set to begin next week. The sprinklers will seriously enhance our fire protection at the hospital. This is a significant investment form our PFI partner, focusing on making the hospital safer.”

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