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Care Home Shut Following Fire Risk Assessment

A fire risk assessment found that Trinity Lodge Care Home, Edinburgh had been operating without a satisfactory emergency evacuation plan. Families were only given a few hours to find new accommodation for their elderly relatives. Deirdre Alexander was given instruction to remover her mother by the end of the day. She said: “We were told Trinity Lodge was deemed not fit for purpose. How come it was OK on Monday and Tuesday? And for the three years my mum was there previous to that?” Residents were offered a room at Manor Grange care home in Corstorphine which Deirdre and her son Kyle Milner refused. “There is no way the residents are going to be allowed to stay at Manor Grange,” she said. 

“It is a luxury home which far outweighs the current cost of care at Trinity Lodge. The poor residents will just have to be moved again, shown luxury and then have it taken away again. It’s despicable. They don’t care about the lives of the people involved. It was chaos, complete upheaval. Residents were left sitting in corridors alone, with staff packing their belongings into bin bags around them”.

A care worker saw one resident bundled into a taxi while sleeping. The resident woke up distressed, in a strange home in Morningside with no one she knew. Families said they struggled to get their relatives into a nearby home. Ms Alexander said: “I had to battle to get my mum into a home close to us. We visit every day and I didn’t want to send her to the other side of town.”

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