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Business Men Receive Suspended Sentences

Isar Rajah, Bashir Ahmed and Mr Ahmed’s business, Mushtaq’s pleaded guilty to a number of fire safety offences at Warwick Crown Court last month. A third man, Akbar Jan, had his case adjourned to a later date as he was not able to attend. Mr Jan and Mr Raja planned to convert the General Wolfe public house in Coventry into a restaurant. The premises had been leased to Mushtaq’s and then sub-let to Mr Jan and Mr Raja for the restaurant.

The West Midlands Fire Service found a number of breaches of fire regulations at the property including:

  • Alarms not working
  • No fire risk assessment
  • Fire doors missing or defective

Following a successful prosecution for unacceptable food hygiene failures in the restaurant, a fire caused smoke-logging throughout the building. Judge Andrew Lockhart told the defendants: “It was highly foreseeable that in the event of a fire these premises might have become a death trap. There was no meaningful attempt to comply even with the most basic of measures. They were simply ignored to maximise profit.”

Mr Raja was sentenced to a six month suspended prison sentence, as well as 240 hours of unpaid work, fined £1000 in costs and given a 7pm-7am curfew for four months. Mr Ahmed received a 30 week suspended prison sentence, 200 hours of unpaid work and fined £2000 in costs.

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