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Building site in £4,000 tool theft

A building site has been broken into for the third time in a month, Tools worth more than £4,000 have been stolen from the site in Lancing.

The development which is being overseen by Machin Investments has been targeted multiple times since the project started. Thieves were able to force entry into two storage areas using a pickaxe and a spanner.

The project is being held up due to the theft of the tools, Josh Blakemore, the company director said.

“It is devastating really. It holds the project up. We are not big-time developers, this is a significant loss to us”

A large number of expensive tools have been taken, with police waiting on CCTV footage from local shops to see if a getaway van has been used.

Machin Investments are now investing in more robust security on site, after the latest break in.

Tool theft is becoming more frequent, with thieves targeting sites due to the high value of the equipment. A study by Allianz insurance group showed an increase of 55.5% over 5 years however this was expected to rise to 71%.

There are a number of Intruder Alarms, CCTV Alarms and SmokeCloak Systems available. Monitored systems can alert the police or a nominated key holder as soon as a break in is detected while SmokeCloak system will release a dense fog to protect the premises.

Our experts can help you choose a system that suits your needs.

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