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Bomb Scare in Office Block Arson

A man in his 50’s was recently sentenced after an office block arson and bomb scare which occurred earlier this year.

On Wednesday 30th May an office block, housing a number of company call centres, was deliberate subject to fire. The perpetrator, Graham Barry Barnes, was sentenced after a court hearing in late October.

The fire had been discovered by another member of staff as smoke was seen coming out of the men’s toilet. A full office block evacuation was then carried out upon fire alarms being sounded.

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service were called, however, the fire had already been put out before their arrival.

The fire was created using boxes containing flammable materials including batteries, a lighter and a deodorant can, all placed into a ceiling panel before being lit. As such, the Army bomb disposal team were called in to investigate the packages. A sparkler was uncovered upon investigations and had thought to have been used in an attempt to cause a small explosion.

CCTV of the office block has since been reviewed. The perpetrator was seen using his access control key to gain entry to the office block not only on the day of the fire but also on the prior Sunday; outside of normal work hours.

According to the company who owns the building, costs of damages reached over £15,000. Barnes, who actually worked in customer services for an insurance broker companies on site, claimed the offence was a cry for help.

The courts heard Barnes put many lives in danger as a result of his actions. Therefore, he was sentenced to three years in prison.

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Original Sources: Dorset Police | Bournemouth Echo

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