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Blaze at Rotherham Aluminium Plant

On Tuesday 26h March 2019, 4 fire crews were called to tackle a blaze at an aluminium plant in Rotherham at around 3.45AM before leaving shortly after 5AM.

Fire crews from Rotherham, Elm Lane, Parkway stations and Dearne were all called to tackle the fire at Northfield Aluminium.

It is believed that the fire was started accidently after a fire in the furnace became out of control.

With 67% of fires occurring while the property is unoccupied, the need to protect your premises 365/24/7 is essential.

Having a Fire Alarm system will protect your site if there is someone around to respond to the alarm. You should add further protection by having your alarm monitored by the Fire Brigade.

Upon activation of a fire alarm system, the DualCom communicator will ensure that the Fire Brigade or a 3rd party is contacted at all times helping prevent a catastrophe happening when your building is empty or confusion is caused during a fire.

Would anyone notice a fire on your site if you’re not around? Don’t take the chances and protect it with Fire Alarm Monitoring today. Call Assured on 0845 402 3045 or email for more information.

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