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Birmingham Blaze at a Large Industrial Factory

A huge inferno broke out at a disused factory, just before 5 pm on Sunday 19th August.

Around 60 firefighters fled to the scene after huge smoke plumes were reported to be coming from the Birmingham blaze. The flames tore through the factory on Aston Hall Road, Aston, leaving the front of the building completely collapsed.

Ash and debris covered the streets surrounding the blaze and local residents were warned to keep all windows and doors shut.

One local witness, Robert Geoghegan, reported the devastating scenes at the Birmingham blaze:

“It’s mayhem. The whole area is full of smoke.

“It was quite frightening when the chimney fell down”.

A cordon has been put into place, ensuring citizens stay clear from the at-risk roads and buildings neighbouring the fire. However, reports of the blaze could be seen from as far as the Aston Expressway and the Spaghetti Junction, according to Authorities.

A further witness, Gwen Banks, who was in her bedroom when she was startled by a “massive bang”, said:

“I could see flames and it is very smelly in the area – the smoke is terrible.”

Luckily, as the building was derelict, no deaths or injuries have been reported as a result of the Birmingham blaze.

Regardless of whether or not a building is derelict, there is still a responsibility to have adequate fire protection in place. If you need more information on keeping a factory unit or derelict building protected from the risk of fire, get in touch. Call us on 0845 402 3045 or email now!

Original Sources: Birmingham Live | Daily Star | Birmingham Mail | BBC News

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