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Thieves riding their way to Jail after Bike Thefts from Ilkley and Leeds Railway Stations

CCTV images of bike thefts from Leeds and Ilkley railway stations have been released. One culprit has now been successfully captured.

The British Transport Police released images of three men in connection with a series of railway station bike thefts. Bicycles from both Leeds and Ilkley railway stations were stolen.

The first theft recorded, occurred on Friday 1st June, where three males, stole three bikes from the cycle rack at Ilkley station. They then boarded the Ilkley train to Leeds and then proceeded to steal a further fourth bicycle from the Leeds station bike rack.

A subsequent four days later, two further bicycles were stolen again at Leeds railway station. CCTV images of the offenders show them tampering with the locks on each of the bicycles and subsequently stealing them. The set of bike thefts are believed to be connected.

After CCTV images of the perpetrators were released, an 18-year-old male was charged for involvement in the offences. Connor Amps, from Burmantofts, is being sent to Leeds Magistrates’ Court on Friday 20th July for six counts of bicycle theft and having apparatus for the intention of theft on a seventh occasion.

The other thieves are still at large and there has been no mention of the stolen bicycles having been recovered. However, CCTV images are still in the public eye and the British Transport Police are still on the case.

Leeds has been labelled as of one of the 6 worst cities for bicycle theft. Research supporting that bikes parked around railway stations being the highest target and the majority of cases going unsolved.

Therefore, don’t let thieves off for their crimes, CCTV was crucial in the capture of a culprit in this case. So call us on 0845 402 3045 or email for your FREE CCTV quote or for more advice on security measures to protect your property and premises.

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