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Barber shop blaze and break in

A barber shop in Leeds was subject to flames after a fire broke out on Thursday 6th December.

The Barber shop fire was luckily discovered by police on patrol at 1:30 am that day.

The authorities called in the incident to the West Yorkshire Fire Service who immediately deployed their firefighters to extinguish the blaze.

Unfortunately, the barber shop being ablaze was not the only issue owner, Rekaut Sabir had to deal with. The shop had also been raided. Although the shop was equipped with metal shutters, the offenders were not deterred.

The robbers made entry through a property next door and set fire to the barbers from inside the property.

Luckily, nobody was inside the property at the time of the fire, however, damages have been done to the interior. The barbers have been forced to close as a result of the fire damage. However, Mr Sabir had hoped to reopen within the week after undertaking any relevant repairs.

West Yorkshire police have commented on the incident:

“The incident is being treated as arson and enquiries are ongoing.”

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