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One Million Pound Armed Jewellery Robbery

The £1M jewellery robbery occurred at the Michael Spiers jewellers in Truro, Cornwall on Wednesday 10th January.

Devon and Cornwall police have described the jewellery robbery as the biggest armed heist that the force has ever seen. They have reported that it was executed with ‘military precision’.

Eight men have been sentenced to jail on Friday 20th July following the armed robbery which occurred earlier this year. Two men were in possession of weapons. One of the men was equipped with an imitation gun and another with weapon which had the ability to emit toxic gas. One Spiers staff member required treatment after being sprayed with the gas.

It had later been disclosed that the men are all members of an international crime gang.

The men, masked in black balaclava looking hoods stormed into the shop, threatened the staff members and raided the jewellery cabinets with crowbars whilst destroying the store front. It was only less than two minutes that the gang had managed to steal the £1m worth of jewellery from the store. Concealed in black holdalls, they made away with the goods by foot before escaping in a getaway car. Fortunately, most of the stolen goods have since been recovered, however a ring worth £95,000 is yet to be found.

The Judge, Simon Carr, who sentenced the men, commented that it was a:

“Meticulously planned and executed armed robbery”

Luckily, there was a CCTV system in place which managed to capture the full footage of the thieves in the act (see below).

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