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Aberystwyth Hotel Fire Confirmed as Arson

The Aberystwyth hotel fire occurred on Wednesday 25th July, at 2:20 am, where one guest is still reported missing.

An Aberystwyth hotel fire was deliberately ignited at the Ty Belgrave House in Wales. The fire began on the ground floor and rose up to the roof, consuming the entire hotel. 12 fire engines including the use of aerial rescue pumps, were rushed to the blazing four star, seafront hotel. Fire services then remained on site to continue to dampen down the fire until about 10:30 am that morning.

Residents and guests were evacuated from the premises after the fully operational fire alarm system successfully sounded the alarm. Some guests were also aided by authorities in their escape from the hotel’s balconies.

A total of 33 were people caught up in the Aberystwyth hotel fire. Nine adults and three children were assisted and rescued from the burning wreckage by firefighters. Sadly, one further hotel guest has reported as ‘unaccounted for’ and is still reported as missing.

Detrimental damage done to the Aberystwyth hotel has left the hotel inaccessible to all, structurally unsound and unable to allow firefighters to safely check the premises for the missing person.

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue’s Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Roger Thomas spoke to the BBC regarding the incident:

“Each of the internal floors has collapsed so at the present time we’re unable to gain access to the building to establish exactly whether there is somebody in there and whether we can find that person”.

Five casualties were taken to hospital following the blaze, including two children. However, none of the Aberystwyth hotel fire victims are known to be in critical condition.

Volunteers from the British Red Cross were on hand to give “practical and emotional support” to those affected. Due to many of those affected being on holiday, they did not have friends or family to help with emergency food and clothing.

The culprit has now been arrested and is being detained for questioning on “suspicion of arson with intent to endanger life”.

As a result of the Aberystwyth hotel fire, guests have been shaken, the hotel has been extensively damaged, adjoining properties have also been alight and local businesses have been affected and forced to temporarily close.

On this occasion, most of the guests were safely evacuated, thanks to the functioning fire alarm system.

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Original Sources: BBC News | Wales Online | Daily Post

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