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£15,000 Raid Forces Nottingham Store to Close Down

During July 2019, a month after suffering a serious raid, a distraught shopkeeper in Nottingham has been forced to permanently close her store after 13 years.

On June 2nd, thieves targeted the store, stealing 50 cartons of cigarettes that were valued at £100 each. Up to 20 bottles of spirits were also taken, including Vodka and Whiskey and a further £7,000 worth of cigarettes were taken from the display. Finally, £250 was stolen from two tills in the store.

The store is due to close its doors for the final time in October, after shop owner Harjinder Bal was unable to recover from the £15,000 theft.

CCTV captured the thieves not only entering the property but also returning to raid the premises for a second time.

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