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Specialist Alarms

Assured Fire & Security are able to provide a range of specialist alarm systems. Please contact us to discuss how we can help.

Nurse Call Systems

For all nursing homes, care centres, hospitals & prison’s, our nurse call systems are of the latest technology which give zoned or pin-point addressable locations of any activation.

Staff Alarm Systems

Ensure you & your staff or protected 24 hours a day from attack or assault with our hand, belt or neck chain panic attack fobs, the system will pin point your position & alert other staff, the emergency services or other third party when operated.

Temperature Alarm Systems

For IT server rooms, computer rooms, paper stores, comms rooms & any sensitive area, our temperature alarms can be set for low & high temperatures & will give an local alarm of dangerous increase. The alarms systems can also contact you by phone, text message or Alarm Receiving Centre operative.

Asset Protection Systems

  • Fire extinguisher alarms stop expensive extinguishers being stolen with our remote extinguisher alarms.
  • Door alarms protect your property 24 hours a day with our door alarms, perfect for hotels, leisure centres, schools.
  • Equipment alarms extend your intruder alarm to incorporate 24hour vibrations sensors to protect vulverable equipment such as projectors, widescreen TV’s, audio equipment

Medical Alarms

If you, a relative or friend who has a medical condition you can be assured help is always at hand with our bespoke medical alarms. One press of a hand, belt or neck chain fob device cam ensure a rapid respone with our remote monitored medical alarm systems.

Warden Call Systems

For the elderly & vulnerable entrust your safety in our hands with bespoke designed systems in bungalows & estates to flats & centres.

P/A Systems

For large buildings, offices & factories, our systems can provide back ground music with announcements for staff, site visitors & the general public informing them of emergencies, general information & assistance calls.

For information and advice on any of our specialist services, please Contact Us or call our friendly team on 0845 402 3045.

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