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Pneumatic Heat Detection Tube

A very simple, cost effective and easy to install solution, this is entry level equipment for fire suppression.

Basically an extinguisher with a valve and a length of heat detection tube which acts as the detection and propellant feed for the agent to be used.

When a flame or temperature reaches a certain level around the pipe it blows a hole in the pipe (a very small pressurised hole) which then propels the agent directly onto the risk.

Ideal for boats, vehicles, small machinery, electrical switch cabinets, fume cupboards and areas with no room integrity.


  • Small amount of agent required as it’s assumed it will attack the fire at smouldering stage or at the beginning of a fire.
  • No moving or electrical parts – low install cost and low maintenance cost.
  • No room integrity required.
  • Can install in small intricate areas such as machinery.
  • Can use many gases – HDC 227 ea, Co2, IG55.
  • Cost effective all round - small amount of agent required, no pipe work, special design.
  • Can be operated from AFD – this would operate a valve with a nozzle.
  • Mobile – can take out and install elsewhere.


  • Cannot guarantee it will work if the fire is large.
  • No standards to design/install to.
  • Not a high spec solution.
  • Difficult to cover large area (high ceilings, rooms).
  • Large bend radius in pipework.


  • Machine Spaces
  • Boats, lorries, cars
  • Switch rooms
  • Transportation
  • Cabinets (Local app)


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