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Reduce Your Costs

Yes the P50 does cost more than buying a regular fire extinguisher. So where are the cost savings? Firstly there’s no need to service the extinguisher every year. All that is needed is a simple visual inspection which you can do yourself! Second, you don’t need to pay for a five-yearly refill. Add onto that the reduced number of fire extinguishers needed. So over the 20 year life of the P50 extinguisher, costs savings can be as much as 50%!

P50Protect the Environment  

Reducing the number of service visits required reduces your company’s carbon footprint on the environment. The P50 fire extinguisher is also recyclable at the end of its life and is corrosion resistant.

Save Lives

Because the P50 fire extinguisher is designed to tackle more fire types, less extinguishers are required, giving staff the confidence to tackle a fire if necessary. The P50 foam and powder extinguishers can even tackle electrical fires.

Benefits of Switching to the P50 Extinguisher

  10-year guarantee
  Reduced servicing costs
  Corrosion resistant
  No split linings
  No danger of personal injury due to corrosion
  Recyclable at the end of its life
  Kevlar® – Aramid type super strength yarn
  Carbon neutral
  Lightweight for ease of operation
  EN3 and MED approved
  Manufacturer disposal of contents
  20-year life

P50 saves company £7000






VIDEO: How is the P50 manufactured?
P50 manufacturing process video