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Conventional Fire Alarms

Conventional fire alarm systems are the entry level for most fire system requirements. These alarms are suitable for small offices, nurseries, small hotels, warehouses, shops and any small business. They will indicate a zone as an area in the building where the detector has been triggered (many detectors may be in this area) and usually operate the sounders for a full evacuation.

How does a conventional fire alarm work?

Each call point or smoke alarm is connected to the main fire alarm control panel by its own wire. When a detector is triggered, the fire alarm control panel will operate the sounders for a full evacuation.

What are the advantages of a conventional system?

  • Conventional fire alarm systems are one of the cheaper options to buy
  • Suitable for smaller business premises where a sophisticated fire alarm system isn’t needed

What are the disadvantages of a conventional system?

  • Although cheaper to buy it’s more expensive to install
  • The exact location of a fire can’t be given with a conventional fire alarm system. However, by wiring different floors or areas as zones, then an indication of which zone the fire is in can be given.
  • If a wire becomes severed, the device is disconnected and may not signal the presence of a fire

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