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Addressable Fire Alarms

Addressable fire alarm systems enable you to pinpoint exactly which detector has been activated, and where the fire is located. They are suitable for larger business premises such as hotels, office blocks, warehouses and large factories.

How does an addressable fire alarm work?

Each call point or smoke alarm connected to the main fire alarm control panel has its own address. When a fire is detected, the address of the detector is displayed on the main control panel. An addressable fire alarm system also allows sounders to be activated only in the area where the triggered detector is, saving the disruption of full evacuations and false alarms.

What are the advantages of an addressable fire alarm system?

  • Quick identification of the location of the fire
  • Pre-alarm feature gives a pre-warning at the main panel without operating the sounders, giving staff time to investigate a false alarm or potential fire. The detector will still operate if it senses a fire.
  • Reduce false alarms.
  • Repeater panels can be installed on larger sites, mimicking the information and controls of the main fire alarm control panel. This enables full control of the entire fire safety system across your site.
  • Remote diagnostics allows us to dial into your system from our office and examine the control panel for any issues. This means we can solve problems immediately, often eliminating the need for an engineer visit.

What are the disadvantages of an addressable system?

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