Disabled Refuge

refugeAs part of “The Disabled Discrimination  Act (DDA) 2004″, “The Regulatory Reform Order (Fire safety law) otherwise known as the RRO & current building regulations it is now part of fire safety law to provide a safe means of refuge for disabled persons in the event of a fire or emergency.

Legal Requirements

Any non-domestic building with more than one storey should provide a means of refuge for any person who cannot easily use fire escapes, lifts & stairs during an emergency. The regulations states that an effective two way communication system must be in place for these refuge areas.

Our Disabled Refuge system’s provide a fireproof 2 way communication point for fire officers / fire wardens or building management to keep in contact with people / disabled people within this point.

Points are usually situated on a landing or staircase along the main escape route.

All our system are designed, installed & commissioned to BS 5839 Part 8 / 9 and BS 5588.


  Shopping Centres
  Sports Centres
  Bus, train & transport centres
  Offices blocks
  Any non-domestic building with more than 1 storey

Alarm Equipment used by Assured Fire & Security

We only use fire safety equipment of a high calibre & of good reliability. All too often companies are now competing for the cheapest price which usually means using cheap inferior equipment.

At Assured we never compromise on quality or reliability, after all we are installing life safety systems for you, your staff & visitors & this should never be compromised.


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