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School Sprinklers to be made Compulsory

Disputes are being made into the building regulations of school sprinklers. Disagreements have advanced regarding the proposed opposition to fire sprinkler suppression systems being required in new and refurbished schools. A proposed guidance for new and refurbed school buildings to have sprinkler systems was suggested in the draft as no longer ‘expected’. The requested change […]

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West Midlands Furniture Storage Building Fire

Last week a huge inferno completely devastated a Heartlands Furniture Wholesale building on Cranford Street, Smethwick, in the West Midlands. Heartlands was subject to an uncontrollable blaze in their 10,000sqft Smethwick storage building, which began at 8:32pm, Thursday 27 December. 7 crews consisting of 40 firefighters were sent to tackle the enormous inferno which ripped […]

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Three Teens Charged for School Fires in Scottish Town

A series of arson attacks by three young teens resulted in two school fires in the Scottish town of Loanhead. Two young teenagers have been charged over the deliberate fire which rendered old Paradykes Primary School to its frame. Firefighters were called to the primary school in Loanhead at around 9.30pm on Saturday 5 November. Fears that there […]

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