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York Star Inn the City Restaurant Fire

On Friday 9 November, Star Inn the City, located in the picturesque botanical Museum Gardens had a restaurant fire. Firefighters were called to serious restaurant fire in the early hours of the morning. There were more than just stars lighting up the sky on Friday. Located in a converted engine house on the scenic banks […]

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Cheltenham Carer Care Home Theft

A healthcare assistant has been charged after thieving from a care home in Gloucestershire on Tuesday 30th October. Grant Hodges, 26, stole a selection of drugs from a care home where he was actually employed at and also lived. Mr Hodges also committed various driving offences. Hodges, unable to pass his theory test, resulted in […]

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Bomb Scare in Office Block Arson

A man in his 50’s was recently sentenced after an office block arson and bomb scare which occurred earlier this year. On Wednesday 30th May an office block, housing a number of company call centres, was deliberate subject to fire. The perpetrator, Graham Barry Barnes, was sentenced after a court hearing in late October. The […]

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Commercial Car Park and Office Fire in Chelsea

On Thursday 25th October authorities were alerted to an office fire in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Late last month, firefighters from Kensington, Soho, Battersea, and Chelsea were called to an office fire after reports of heavy smoke. The office fire on Kings Road in Chelsea required a total of four fire engines, with […]

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Owner Warned After Pontins Arson Attack

The landowner of a derelict seaside resort in Hemsby has been warned to secure the site after another arson attack. On Tuesday 9th October, police and firefighters were alerted to another arson attack at a former Pontins resort. Firefighters arrived at 10:20 pm to a flaming building in Norfolk county. Fire crews from across Norfolk […]

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Armed Robbery at Dinnington Dominos

On Tuesday 9th October, a report of an armed robbery was yet again called into South Yorkshire Police, this time at a pizza takeaway. Police were alerted to an armed robbery at Dinnington’s Domino’s pizza on Laughton Road early last week. It was at around 9:30 pm, that the attempted robbery occurred. The man entered […]

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Supermarket Burglary Sweep as Tesco Ram-raided

A supermarket burglary in the form of ram-raid occurred at Tesco’s in Sheffield on Sunday 7th October. The supermarket burglary at Dinnington’s Tesco in Sheffield took place in the early hours of Sunday morning. The thieves took an ash-blue Vauxhall Insignia to the shutters of Tesco’s front entrance, just after 2:00 am. Upon successfully gaining […]

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