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Your Guide to Speed Up Your Fire Evacuation Process

Fire Safety should be a top priority when it comes to protecting your people and property. When the fire alarm sounds the last thing, you want is a property full of chaos and panicked people. Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it is a legal requirement to ensure the safe evacuation of all […]

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Spring Time Security Quiz

As the weather heats up, the office gets hotter and the windows start to open, remember to consider your security as you attempt to cool off. Spring is underway and as we plan our holidays we hope you are able to stay cool. We thought you’d enjoy a bit of fun, with our Spring Time […]

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Your 5 Step Guide To Protecting Your Restaurant

If you are responsible for a restaurant, there are specific areas of fire safety that you need to pay attention too. Kitchen appliances account for 25% of all fires in restaurants, cookers account for 23% and electrical distribution accounts for 17% of fires. We want to help protect your premises with our 5 step guide […]

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Springtime Security—Stay Safe this Spring

Springtime is officially underway with temperatures being recorded at nearly 25C. As the seasons change, it is important to check your buildings security. Here is our quick guide to keep your premises secure this spring.  1. Check The Time on Your CCTV  Whilst clocks went forward in March, check that your CCTV has been updated. […]

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Development in Emergency Lighting 2019: All you need to know.

The FIA has announced technical updates to the BS 5266-1, Emergency Lighting to include “Safety Lighting” and “Dynamic Safety Signage Systems.” “Safety Lighting” What is it? Safety Lighting is used to protect occupants who stay within a building during a supply failure. This ensures that the areas occupied are safe for the activities to be […]

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Ten Tips to Protect Your Property from Arson

On average, there are over 1600 deliberate fires, 50 Injuries and 2 deaths per week as a result of Arson attacks.  The consequences of a  fire, can be devastating on businesses, with the after-effects sometimes continuing for many months. Ensuring your business is protected against the risk of fire, is of paramount importance to every […]

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Top 10 Biggest Heists in the UK

  We have put together our list of the top 10 biggest heists in the UK. 1.Securitas depot robbery, Tonbridge, Kent – £53.1M February, 21st 2006 saw Colin Dixon, the manager of Securitas depot and his family become the victims of the UK’s largest robbery totaling over £53m in cash. Mr Dixon was approached by […]

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Do you want to reduce your losses by up to 95% ?

Top 6 Reasons to Install a SmokeCloak System The SmokeCloak system is a proactive measure forcing intruders to leave your premises. SmokeCloak is currently securing thousands of properties within the UK from small retail shops, to large warehouses and even vehicles. Here’s our reasons why you should install a SmokeCloak system today! 1. Stand-alone system – […]

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