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What Are The Benefits To a Wireless Intruder Alarm?

There are two main types of Intruder Alarms available on the market, a traditional wired system and a wireless system. We understand that wiring an alarm is not always an option for reasons such as business disruption, building layouts and building restrictions. 5 benefits to installing a wireless intruder alarm 1. Quick Installation A wireless […]

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Care Home Fire Safety – Your Checklist

Sadly, fire safety can be matter of life and death especially when there are vulnerable occupants concerned – such as the residents of care homes. Far to often we hear of care homes breaching fire regulations.  Already this year,  we have released 3 care home articles. Aswell as an article from the London Fire brigade reporting […]

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5 Reasons Why Hotels Should Install A Sprinkler System

  Did you know the 12 months leading to April 2019 there were 613 fires affecting hotels? These included 103 deliberate fires, 60 non-fatal casualties and 1 fatality. There is a growing reliance on automatic fire detection systems being included in any new fire safety plan, however this can often be poorly designed or installed […]

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Keep Your Retail Premises Secure

Did you know, latest figures within the retail sector show a growth in all major types of theft and damage. This has seen a 40% increase in incidents, which are largely driven by “customer theft” that accounted to 98% of all types of incidents by numbers.   We want to help reduce crime across the […]

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The 5 Main Types of Fire Suppression

We know from experience that choosing the correct fire suppression system for your organisation can be a bit of a minefield. It is important to understand the different systems and which type of system is required to protect your specific high risk area. This is why we have put together our brief guide, outlining the […]

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What to Consider When Upgrading Your Fire Alarm

You may have had your fire alarm in place for many years and undergo regular maintenance visits, however do you know when your system is due an upgrade? As systems grow older they become increasingly more unreliable and prone to failure putting your people and property at risk. UK Fire and Rescue services attend over […]

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Summer Time Fire Quiz

Summer is here and as the weather heats up we hope you’re looking forward to a weekend in the sun. Barbeques at the ready, drinks flowing and maybe even a swim to cool off. As temperatures rise we wanted to give you our Summer Time Fire Quiz! Pass it around the office and see who […]

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Myth-Busting Access Control Systems

Access control systems are one of the hottest topics within the security industry and for that reason, it’s also one of the most misunderstood. We wanted to ensure you understood the facts from the myths with the truth to the top 5 Access Control myths.   Here’s The Truth To The Top 5 Access Control […]

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Keep Your School Safe This Summer

The National Fire Chiefs Council have stated that the government should make it mandatory for all new build and refurbished schools to have sprinklers installed. England is currently lagging behind Scotland and Wales for including sprinklers in building designs, with only one in five new build schools having sprinklers installed. Latest figures show UK fires […]

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