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Winter is Coming: 3 Tips to Keep Your Business Secure Through The Cold Months

The kids are back at school and the warm light summer months are being pushed away as the cooler darker months are edging ever closer. As the seasons change it is also important to start thinking about specific changes to improve your business’ security systems, so we have put together a list of 3 top tips to help you make sure your business is secure.

Dark Evenings

Don’t forget that the clocks go back on the 29 October this year and the daylight hours have already been getting shorter by 3 minutes each night since the 21 June! The darkness allows intruders to creep in the shadows and enter business premises undetected.

This is why CCTV cameras with security lighting is absolutely pivotal during the winter months, if you already have this in place remember to change the times on the camera. If it is incorrect then it may make CCTV footage impermissible as evidence in court

Security Lighting and CCTV

Not only do we have longer nights but even during the daytime light can be low during winter with gloomy days and low visibility. So it is important to ensure your CCTV cameras are still effective and can pick up movement.

Infrared lighting can be picked up by CCTV, but is not visible to the naked eye leaving intruders unaware that their every move is being recorded and those monitoring your CCTV will be able to catch them in the act.

All-weather cameras

Weather in the UK is unpredictable, we can be having an Indian summer one week then the next it is down to 0 degrees and snowing! Back in 2009/10 temperatures hit a low of more than -17 degrees in Greater Manchester! This is why you should make sure your premises is prepared by ensuring your security system isn’t frozen solid in the sub zeros.

Make sure CCTV cameras are housed properly and that there is no risk of cameras coming loose or cables being disconnected. If any are looking as though they may be compromised call a security engineer to come and take a look – you don’t want a blind spot because of a faulty camera!

Lastly – keep your cameras clear from snow, this may seem obvious but it is an easy thing to be overlooked.

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