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What Are The Benefits To a Wireless Intruder Alarm?

There are two main types of Intruder Alarms available on the market, a traditional wired system and a wireless system. We understand that wiring an alarm is not always an option for reasons such as business disruption, building layouts and building restrictions.

5 benefits to installing a wireless intruder alarm

1. Quick Installation

A wireless Intruder Alarm is quick to install due to reducing the time spent cabling. If you’re looking for a quick installation with minimal disruption then a wireless Intruder alarm could be the best option for you.  


2. Minimal Disruption

Its not always practical or financially possible for businesses to close during the installation of an intruder alarm. However, a wireless Intruder Alarm can be installed with little disruption to your business.


3. Long Battery Life

Many people are put off Wireless systems due to the theory that they have poor battery life however this is not always true. Some can last over 5 years.Battery failure and verification of the device status is monitored, offering the same reliability and monitoring as a wired system.


4. System You Can Take With You

A wireless system can easily be removed and relocated to a new premises. Therefore, there is no need to leave a system you have paid for to be used by the next occupant of the building.


 5. Installed to British and European Standards

As with a wired system, wireless intruder alarms will be installed to the latest British and European standards.This leaves you with the confidence that you are receiving the best protection available.


Is your Intruder Alarm fit for your site? Or maybe you need extra detection? Contact Assured on 0845 402 3045 or email for more information on how a wireless system could benefit you.


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