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Autumnal Alarm! [WEATHER WARNING]

A weather warning as cold weather is forecast and the darker nights are closing in.

We warned that the hot weather we so fondly remember was an increase to fire risk this summer. Now, the change in seasons to the winter weather is just as much a priority. With the Met Office predicting sub-zero temperatures, jumpers are being pulled out of the back of wardrobes and woolly hats are making a reappearance. Therefore, make sure your business is just as prepared!

With the weather warning, we’ve come up with 3 ice cool tips to keep your business from freezing over this autumn:

Time Travel

We wish we could travel through time! But it’s only the clocks going back at midnight on Sunday, 28 October. Therefore, we’ve got shorter daylight hours, meaning your security systems times need to be changed too. If your timings are incorrect for things like CCTV or intruder alarms and your business is subject to a robbery, the recorded evidence may not suffice in court.

Weather Suitable Cameras

With misty mornings rolling through the distance, it’s difficult to differentiate between the suspecting shadow of an unfamiliar tree, let alone the unsuspecting creep of a thief! So make sure your CCTV equipment can still cope with the harsh weather that’s forecast upon the UK this winter.

Autumn Cleaning

Emergency lighting and CCTV camera cleaning. More light is needed earlier on in the day with less natural light, that autumn brings. This is a cause for an autumn clean up. Having the equipment available is one thing, but if it is useless because it’s dirty, it’s an invitation for intruders lurking around for the opportune moment. Additionally, with colder weather means equipment needs to be continually checked as leaves or ice may cover CCTV cameras or block fire doors and escapes.

Don’t have you business freeze and be ceased by the weather this winter! For more information on the types of CCTV system available, then why not download our free CCTV buyers guide. Alternatively, if you need help updating or maintaining your fire or security systems get in touch! Call us on 0845 402 3045 or email and we’ll be waiting with a warm welcome!

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