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Watermist Suppression—The Advantages to Manufacturing Plants

In the 12 months until April 2019, there were over 2,000 Fires on Industrial premises across the UK, including industrial manufacturing.

Watermist systems are becoming more popular within manufacturing plants due to the way they extinguish fires through a starving of oxygen.


Assured wants to help – Here are our top advantages to installing
Watermist Suppression inside manufacturing plants


1. Reduce Fire Damage To Your Property

When a Watermist system is activated, the discharged water turns into a mist format and expands, covering more of the fire. This starves the fire of oxygen and subsequently provides a quicker protection of the affected area.

2. Flexible Design Solutions

When designing a Watermist suppression system, equipment that is already in place can be incorporated into the design. Layouts of the system can be adapted to meet the specific high risk needs within your plant.

3. Short Downtime Allows Your Plant To Be Up And Running Quickly

There is less down time after an activation due to the way the system extinguishes the fire. When activated the fire is starved of oxygen and machinery will have minimal water in it. This allows you to get back into production faster

4. Not Harmful To People

Watermist is not harmful to people, this allows them to evacuate the premises if needed. Should an activation occur they are able to evacuate the property safely without harm from the system.

 5. Can Be Triggered In Separate Zones

When a fire is detected, Watermist systems can be triggered zonally. This means that if you have a fire in one part of your plant, it won’t activate the full system and will only trigger the affected areas.


The suitability for Watermist fire suppression system in your building depends on a number of factors such as room size, ventilation and insurers requirements. Call 0845 402 3045 or email to book your consultation with one of our fire suppression specialists.


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