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Top Security Trends to Feature in 2017

Technological developments in recent years have allowed the security industry to leap forward with innovation. Consequently, this trend looks set to continue into 2017. The main trend for the coming year is that the security industry will continue to offer more specific solutions to particular problems, rather than a one size fits all approach. Video surveillance is expected to be main feature of 2017 with numerous advances happening in this sector.

Here is our list of the trends we think will feature prominently:

1. Intelligent Video Cameras

Cameras in 2017 will have wider panoramas, higher resolutions and more sensors. Installations are likely to change from analogue to SD cameras as demand for more surveillance capabilities increases. The added data will means that an intelligent multi-tier storage strategy is critical. Storage management software will also be vital to effectively manage the extra data.

2. Fully Integrated Solutions

Customers don’t look to just buy a security camera – they look to protect their business from shoplifters, make sure only specific people can access the cash office or monitor potential threats in public spaces. However, physical security doesn’t only involve video surveillance it is also about access control and managing emergency situations.

2017 is set to be the year that cameras will integrate with intelligent doors and intercoms both locally and remotely. This will allow one system to manage all the security systems on a site. Which in turn will be easier for customers to purchase, install and implement.

3. Security as a Service Emerges

We expect customers will start to view their security as a service, being able to remotely monitor the video cameras at their premises. Sector-specific specialists are able to take away the stress of managing a complex security system which will free up internal resources. They can also improve the level of service from the security system, enable better device management and strengthen cyber security processes.

There has also been a movement towards in-band analytics. For example, commercial premises can centralise their security services when using smart cameras with in-band analytics and other sensors. This can automate functions that previously took multiple people to manage and enable a more proactive approach to surveillance.

4. Surveillance will become more present in the healthcare industry

Currently, many hospitals in the UK require an upgrade of their CCTV and access control systems. Ongoing workplace violence, drug related crimes and child abduction threats mean that healthcare facilities need to either replace their systems or undertake a significant upgrade. Legal advisers recommend that healthcare facilities keep video recordings for at least two years. This will help hospitals to protect themselves against legal action in slip/fall lawsuits. A modern integrated surveillance solution will be needed to improve the security and safety of the facility.

5. More Focus on Video Analytics

In 2017, we expect to see new camera capabilities in terms of more sophisticated analytics. The security industry has been working hard to develop video analytics software that works in a similar way to software that sifts through numerical and text data. Instead of a person having to work through video footage, the software can work in real time to help make quick and informed decisions. Thus helping professionals address several challenges such as facial recognition, forensic analysis and perimeter protection.

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