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Top 6 benefits of CCTV

Recently a building site suffered a £4,000 tool theft and an estate agent was robbed in a distraction theft.

Did you know that over a third of businesses in the Arts and Entertainment sector reported experiencing a crime. While the latest figures show theft has risen by 3% in retail units, and is the most common cause of crime in the Manufacturing sector at 26%.

With recent reports of crime happening across all industries, we wanted to give you our top 6 benefits of using CCTV in your premises.

1. Link your CCTV to your Intruder Alarm for added security.

With advancing, technology CCTV should be part of an overall security solution.  Working alongside your Intruder Alarm, CCTV can be used for checking who is onsite if the Intruder Alarm is activated. This allows intruders to be identified once they are detected. 


2. Use your smart devices for flexible viewing of your CCTV

When your business stops, your CCTV viewing doesn’t have too. Monitored CCTV can be viewed on smartphones or computers by logging into your remote CCTV software, allowing for viewing outside of normal working hours once the CCTV is activated.


3. Monitor your CCTV with police response

Monitored CCTV will allow you to confirm a break-in and contact the police. A nominated keyholder will be contacted as soon as the alarm has been activated. This can be, a security company or a member of the business.  When the break-in is confirmed, the police can attend the site quicker than unmonitored systems.


 4. Use your CCTV in the event of a prosecution

CCTV can be used as evidence should an intruder be arrested. Videos are hard to dispute if the pictures are clear and can be used in court to prosecute any potential thieves. HD cameras are making videos clearer with 4K (9MP) and even 7K (30MP) available for optimum viewing.


5. Install cameras that meet your different site needs

Depending on your site needs,  there are different cameras that can offer different advantages.  PTZ cameras have the ability to be controlled from a remote location, and can be moved about for wider viewing. Bullet cameras have been modified to fit into a weatherproof casing and a Covert camera allows for images to be filmed in secret.


6. Additional features provide you with extra security

Additional features can be used to further secure your premises and recognize intruders. Thermal imaging can recognize intruders in extreme weather, video motion detection will look for changes in a camera’s field of view and Covert/Spy cameras have the ability to capture videos in secret.


Will CCTV further protect your business? Contact us today on 0845 402 3045 or email us at for a free site survey, alternatively download our FREE CCTV buyers guide for more information. 


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