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Top 5 Reasons You Need CCTV For Hotel Security

As a hotel manager you have a lot to think about, from the seemingly never ending task of drawing in customers, to getting them checked-in, settled in and ensuring they are comfortable and that their requirements are accommodated for. This doesn’t leave much time to think about your hotel security. Providing an accommodating atmosphere that doesn’t compromise safety is a big challenge faced by hoteliers.

It was only in August that a hotel in Bournemouth was broken into with guests possessions being stolen. Thankfully, the hotel had CCTV systems installed and the intruder was able to be identified. Therefore, constant planning to stay ahead of security issues is crucial to ensuring your guests safety.

A review by Nottingham Trent University highlighted that with robbery in particular, “detecting an offence increased from 8.9% without useful CCTV, to 55.7% with it.” So why risk the security of your premises?

We have outlined our top 5 reasons why you need hotel security measures such as CCTV systemin place to ensure your premises stays protected.

  1. Deter intruders from breaking into your business – CCTV cameras are a huge deterrent against intruders as they see the break-in as a higher risk. The College of Policing stated that overall, the use of CCTV systems results in a “statistically significant, reduction in crime”.
  2. Your hotel is yours –  So don’t let criminals walk straight through the door. Have your eye on everything that happens in your hotel, no matter how light the area is, how long the area is or what time of day it is.
  3. Reduce crime, reduce claims and reduce your business insurance premiums – Most business insurers will reduce insurance costs if CCTV is installed. Also some insurers may even have mandatory security requirements before they will even begin to insure a business.
  4. Higher security measures reflects positively on your hotel – Guests who feel safe within your hotel are more likely to return and recommend.
  5. Increase your chances of prosecution – Should the worst happen and your hotel was to be targeted, have the piece of mind that the chances of identifying the intruder is greatly increased with CCTV.

Most people don’t have CCTV systems because they believe it can be expensive and confusing – We can help!

Let us complete a FREE survey for you and help you to make your hotel secure and your people safe. Call 0845 402 3045 or emailing our friendly sales team at 


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