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Streamlined Fire Door Inspections

Our visual fire door inspections have been enhanced with the use of a pioneering mobile application.

The Bolster Systems app offers efficient management of the visual fire door inspections carried out by our qualified technicians.
Benefits include:
• Evidence of fire stop compliance following the inspection
• Easily produces reports, spreadsheets and location drawings
• Inventory of maintenance works
• Information automatically uploaded to a cloud database
• Real-time maintenance of works taking place

When the technicians visually inspect fire doors, they use the building layout drawing uploaded to the app. This drawing highlights the fire door positioning and describes any instances of non-compliance. From here, photographs of the inspection can be uploaded instantly.

All the data about the inspection is synced to a cloud database with a report generating for the customer once completed.

Bolster Systems provides customers with a straightforward way of managing their visual fire door inspections.

For more on fire door inspections, call Churches Fire on 0370 608 4350.


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