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Stay Fire Protected This Christmas

When thinking of a Christmas fire we think of sitting in front of the Christmas stocking lined hearth with a mulled wine in hand… not the chaos of an accidental Christmas fire at your business premises!

Here’s our top 5 tips to stay safe this Christmas:

1.Christmas Tree

Whilst a beautiful, decorated tree is the centrepiece of many businesses at Christmas, they are also the fuel for many fires.

  • An artificial tree is less prone to fire than a real tree, due to real versions often drying out creating a higher fire safety risk.
  • If you do choose a real Christmas tree, look for one which is fresh and green. There is less
    chance of it drying out in the period it’s inside your premises, and so ignition risks are reduced.
  • Choose the site for your Christmas tree carefully, away from any open sources of flame or heat.

2.Christmas Lights

Twinkling lights adorn many homes over the festive period, both inside and out. However, lights are one of the most serious fire safety threats. Make sure the wiring of Christmas lights are in good condition, with no visible signs of wear and tear. Any lights that don’t fit this criteria should be destroyed.


3.Fire Alarms

Quite possibly the most important action to take is to ensure that all your fire alarm systems and equipment are operating perfectly and are up to date.

  • Ensure your smoke alarms are tested weekly, and batteries are fully functional. Set a reminder on your phone or calendar. It takes seconds and could save lives.
  • If you have fire blankets, make sure they are in good condition.
  • Check that all fire extinguishers are fully operational.
  • Ensure that escape routes are easily accessible and free from obstruction.

Not electrical hazards, lamps or other flammable risks. Most decorations such as tinsel, paper banners and candles are fairly combustible. Therefore, to keep the risk of fire at a minimum, make sure they’re positioned appropriately.


Nobody wants to deal with a festive fright around Christmas time! However, if your business does encounter a Christmas fire, you need to make sure you’re fully equipped to fight it if needed.



Don’t have a nightmare before Christmas when it comes to your business. For more information on keeping your business premises protected from fire this Christmas call us on 0845 402 3045 or email

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