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Do you need staff Fire Extinguisher Training?

If you’re serious about protecting your people and property, then you need to ensure your staff have fire extinguisher training.

With over 326 fire-related fatalities in 2016/2017, making sure your employees have staff fire extinguisher training could save their lives! Ensuring the correct type of fire extinguisher is used is crucial to its effectiveness at holding back a fire. Therefore, your staff will be safer and your property better protected, in the event of a fire emergency with fire extinguisher training.

Why do we need staff fire extinguisher training?

Firstly, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) states that appropriate fire-fighting equipment, including portable fire extinguishers, must be provided where there is the risk of fire.

We are all required by current legislation, to provide training for our employees in
actions to be taken in the event of a fire.
Most people do not know which type of extinguisher to use. Over a third of workers
are using the wrong types of fire extinguishers!

Using the wrong type of extinguisher is dangerous! It could cause extensive damage
to the object alight or cause electrocution, suffocation or escalation.

However, if your staff are not aware of how to use the appropriate fire-fighting equipment, what’s the use of having the equipment in the first place?

There are a variety of fire extinguisher types, each for specific use on different categories of fire. From a water, water additive, foam to CO2, wet chemical and powder, the fire extinguisher list goes on. Therefore, would your staff know where to begin, when it comes to using the right category of extinguisher on a type of fire occurring in an emergency?

Through the Assured extinguisher training, your staff will learn the ropes of reading the labelling of all types of extinguisher. Not only this, but your staff will know will know what extinguisher to use on what type of equipment. For example, if there was a fire on an electrical unit versus a fire from an industrial oil burner, would your staff know the difference between which extinguishers to use on them? So, with our staff fire extinguisher training, when faced with an incidence of a fire, your staff will be able to quickly identify which fire extinguisher to use on what type of fire.

Training on offer:

Fire Managers Training

  • Aimed at the ‘responsible person’ within an organisation.
  • This training covers the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order and law for fire safety in non-domestic premises such as the workplace.
  • Training includes guidance on effective management on day to day fire safety within the workplace
  • Covers the maintenance of fire safety records, risk assessments and any further staff training.

Fire Warden Training

  • Aimed at the designated fire warden(s) within an organisation.
  • It’s recommended that 30% of your staff should be trained as fire wardens.
  • This training ensures those trained, know the ins and outs when it comes to fire safety and housekeeping in their place of work.
  • Being the leaders when it comes to a fire, they will be trained on the procedure and how to carry out an effective fire evacuation plan.
  • This programme also includes practical exercises for fire prevention and other firefighting techniques.
  • Our fire warden training satisfies the legal requirement within the RRO to provide persons competent to deal with an evacuation.

Fire Awareness Training

  • This training is for all staff within an organisation.
  • The fire awareness training will give staff the better knowledge of the hazards presented by a fire and a greater awareness of practical fire safety measures.
  • Within the fire awareness course, the practical fire extinguisher training gives the opportunity to operate real fire extinguishers in a controllable live fire scenario.
  • This level of interaction makes it an ideal way to train your staff to have the sufficient experience in order to react rationally in the event of a real-life fire emergency.

Why choose Assured:

Our fire safety officers have a minimum of 10 years’ worth of experience in fire services.
Associated with the Institute of Fire Engineers.
The Institute of Fire Prevention Officers.
And also have professional Fire Prevention and Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) qualifications.

Therefore, do your staff need fire extinguisher, fire manager, fire warden and fire awareness training? Assured offer a variety of fire safety training courses which can take place at your premises or ours! So, for more information why not give us a call on 0845 402 3045 or email We’d be happy to help.

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