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Sprinkler Systems Save Lives!

Fires are mostly, unexpected and unpredictable, but can they be stopped sooner and therefore made less detrimental? Find out below examples and affirmations to why your business premises needs a sprinkler system.

We are forever hearing about stories where the detriment of fire, has had the most horrifying consequences. But what about the fires where people get out alive and unscathed? We want to hear more about these types of stories, but how? – Sprinkler systems.

With sprinkler systems; early detection of a fire can not only be made by the alarm but also be attended to and attacked by a sprinkler immediately and in the exact location of detection. Therefore, reducing the risk of excessive damage to property and the risk to people’s lives.

To affirm the benefits of sprinkler systems on the early detection, extinguishing and reduction to the extent of fires, we’ve therefore highlighted examples of how sprinklers systems have helped to save lives!

Hostel Fire Leaves Homeless in a Dilemma, 9 March 2018

“Upon the fire being detected, the sprinkler system was also activated. Thankfully, the chief officer announced that everyone was accounted for and nobody was injured during the fire.” Read more…


Rotherham Supermarket Saved by Sprinkler Systems, 3 August 2017

“Fire officers are repeating calls for businesses to fit sprinkler systems after the devices saved a Rotherham supermarket from suffering a serious blaze.” Read more…


Retail Giant ‘Amazon’ in Serious Warehouse Blaze, 4 November 2017

“Despite having a functioning sprinkler system, this did not prevent mass product damage. However, this did help to prevent the risk posed to staff members.” Read more…


We’re not the only ones who want to hear more about sprinkler systems saving lives:

Sprinkler Systems to be made Compulsory in Schools

Insurers Campaign for Fire Sprinklers

Hotel deaths make case for fitting sprinklers

Want to more information on saving your premises and the lives of your people by installing a sprinkler system? Read more about the benefits of sprinklers, call our team on 0845 402 3045 or email us at

Original Sources: British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association | (Per each news story)

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